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Classic Double Rooms

“We wanted our rooms to tell stories, so each room is decorated according to a different time in history. We wanted our guests not just to come and learn about the temples but to learn about all Cambodian history or events from our hotel.”~ Mane KEY.



The 1914 marks the rediscovery of Banteay Srei temple which was still wildy engulfed by the jungle when the French conservationists first laid eyes on it. The temple, known as the “Jewel of Khmer Art” is where the technique of anastylosis was used for the first time in Angkor. In honor of this event, the suite is decorated with colors of the temple’s sandstone color and hues of Burgundy wine – possibly enjoyed at that time to celebrate this remarkable find.

This room has a king sized bed with carved grape details, two cushioned wooden seats and an intimate balcony. Soft furnishings reflect the romantic Edwardian period combined with Cambodian trims. One window has a view of the garden while another one overlooks



The 1953 marks the Kingdom of Cambodia’s full independence from France after 90 years of French protectorate status. This key pivotal point gave back the kingdom to the Khmer, and is honored in this suite with a tribute to Cambodian craftsmanship and nationhood. Most of the wooden pieces used throughout feature the sugar palm wood, handcrafted by artisans in Kompong Cham which are iconic features that dot Cambodian landscapes.

This room has a king sized four-poster bed, a cushioned divan and an intimate balcony. One window has a view of the garden while another one overlooks the pool. Decor in the room reflects classic Cambodian scenes and soft furnishings using handwoven Cambodian silk.



The 1963 is the year a young lass from the Cambodian countryside named Ros Sereysothea won a singing contest in Battambang, sparking up her career in music and heralding the era of Cambodia’s golden age of rock and roll together with names like Pan Ron and Sinn Sisamouth. This tribute to the kingdom’s modern voices are represented by the splash of pop colors in the fabrics as well as small works defining Sereysothea’s countryside origins before she was catapulted to fame.

This room is the only one in the hotel which has twin beds. With each bed flanked by a side table and lamp as well as a large cushioned seat, the suite also comes with a view of the pool.



The 1992 marks the year the United Nations Transitional Authority came to organize the transition of Cambodia into its rebirth as a nation through the Paris Peace Accords the year earlier. After several years of strife, the promise of peace finally shines its first rays this year. This is the renewal of the new Cambodia – shattered but ready to piece back the pieces together to start anew. The room is inspired by the connections that bind us as citizens of the world and how an organization like the United Nations can help redefine a country’s political status and the relationships that transpire between the nations of the world.

This room in the Gallery Villa is set with a king sized bed and overlooks the gardens of the hotel with a large glass facade and a small terrace where one can further commune with the outdoors.



  • Daily breakfast at Celadon
  • Private roundtrip airport transfers by car
  • Streaming apps (such as Netflix) is available in the room
  • Daily drop-off to downtown by tuk-tuk
  • Daily Cambodian afternoon tea from 16:00-17:00
  • 1-time 30-minute foot massage
  • Welcome drink & daily seasonal fruit
  • Access to gym, book bar & game area
  • Wireless internet access

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