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Rooms & Suites - Classic Single Rooms Siem Reap near Angkor Temples. Mane Boutique Hotel & Spa is part of Mane Collection. Hotel

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Classic Single Rooms

Benefits Included: Flat-screen TV | Netflix | Daily Afternoon Tea 4PM-5PM | Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off | Daily Drop-Off to Downtown | 1-Time 30-Minute Foot Massage | Daily Breakfast




The 1972 is the last year Cambodia competed in the Olympic Games in Munich, signalling the final days of the kingdom’s golden age and symbolizing the new republic’s final chapter in the world stage. The room is inspired by the connections that bind us as citizens of the world and how an event like the Olympic Games define a country’s political status and the relationships that transpire between the nations of the world.

Posters from the 1972 Olympiad adorn the walls with the flag of the new Khmer Republic which lasted only until 1975.

This room in the Gallery Villa is set with a queen sized bed and overlooks the gardens of the hotel.



The 1887 is the year Cambodia became part of the new French territories of the Kingdom of Laos and the Vietnamese regions of Annam, Tonkin and Cochinchina to become part of French Indochina, creating a much-romanticized union of this fragment of the Far East. The merging of these three territories by France is represented by the colors of the room and the grouping in threes.

This room has a queen sized bed with a divan seating at its foot. Decor all over the suite is culled from the three former Indochina territories from the silk furnishings to ceramics and objets d’art, as a door opens towards an intimate balcony with wooden rocking chairs.

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