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Rooms & Suites - Honeymoon Suite, Outdoor Bathtub Siem Reap-Angkor. Mane Boutique Hotel & Spa is a brand of Mane Hotel Collection. Hotel

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Honeymoon Suite, Outdoor Bathtub

“We wanted our rooms to tell stories, so each room is decorated according to a different time in history. We wanted our guests not just to come and learn about the temples but to learn about all Cambodian history or events from our hotel.”~ Mane KEY.


The 1860 gives reverence to the year the French naturalist Henri Mohout came to Angkor to study its plants, insects and wildlife only to come across Angkor Wat hidden in the jungle. His journeys, published in a book paved way for the outside world to “rediscover” the magic of this lost world. This suite is meant to encapsulate the sense of awe and romanticism of exotic discovery.

This “Honeymoon Suite with Outdoor Bathtub” has a king sized bed over a 4.7 meter ceiling draped with muslin fabrics, has two seating areas and is adorned with fine silk fabrics and water hyacinth furnishings. The room opens to a large balcony with an outdoor tub and has sweeping views of the traditional village houses nearby as well as the sunset. The terrace is large enough to host a romantic dinner set up for two.

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